Kill the Victor (Words)

Give me all the love, I’m the victim, I’m the victim Saturate my love, I’m immune, I’m Immune
Give me love two times, love two times
Two times, love
I would love to too, to two-time you once
Love me I’m the victim, love the victim, love the victim Saturate the victim, kill the reason
Victimize my love with a reason
Love, my love
Victimize the victim just one more time
Give you all you want, give my love what you want Saturate my want, I’m immune, I’m immune
You and I we want, what we want is love, love Victimize my want then two-time me two times, love
Love me I’m so sad, I’m so sad
Immune me if you want
Sad is what I want, love
Saturate the victim, kill the victim with sad love Bad love is the reason, kill the reason
Two-time me, the victim, then I’m the victor Immune me from the sad, from the bad
Just once, love
Give me one more reason to two-time once more Kill the sad with bad love, be the victor
Love is the reason, kill the reason
Killing is my want, I’m the victor of love, love Wanting is the reason for more bad, sad love Kill the bad with sad love, kill the victim
Celebrate the victim, love the victor
I want your love to saturate the bad sad hate, love Love to two-time my love to immune from sad love Kill the celebration of the hate, two times
Love me I’m so mad, I’m so mad
Saturate my fury, I’m immune I’m immune
Every time you starve for your bad, sad, mad love Fury will kill the reason one more time
Starve me two times, then you’re the victor Generate the hate that is required for mad love Victimize me now, give a reason to be mad, love Celebrate the victim, kill the evil
Love me I’m enraged, I’m engaged
Hate the generation who is the reason for passive love Pass the guilt down to the soft, dry, dumb young
Generate a victim, find a reason
Love me I’m so young, I’m so young Saturate my love, I’m immune to hate, love Two-timing is the secret to a rush of fine lust Kill the youth with bad love, feed the victim
Celebrate the hate, then you’re the leader Manipulate the youth that is required for rage, love Victory is granted to the passive, massive, mad love Treason is the reason, kill the reason
Reason is the traitor, love the traitor
Treat the rage with silk gloves, like a child
Like a child, love
Pass the guilt to passive hands for further treatment At least twice, love
Children are the victims, kill the victim
Seduce me love, two times, cause I’m engaged Whisper me the words of mad, sad love, love Bate me to manipulate my heart with silk gloves One more time, love
Hate me till I worship hate, then leave me two times
Pour your heart into a glass, then you’re the victim
Amass the young to fight the fight of love just one more time You treat the youth like children with soft, dry, dumb hearts
I heart you, you madman, be my victor
Vicious is the new love, love the vicious
Validate your heart, it’s your job
Give me what I want, love, I’m your sad, madman, heart-throb Victimize the vicious, twice but with a reason
Reason is the killer, kill the killer
Catapult your vicious lust-love to the moon till you’re immune Fill your glass with victims of your bad, sad words, love Victimize the victim, kill the victor